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Articles List

Disappointing Census Precedes 2015 Political Inflection Point

Myanmar's recent census returned a population figure that was nearly 10mn lower than the government's previous estimates, once again shedding light on the country's statistical shortcomings following decades of military rule. Still, the release of more granular demographic data in May 2015 will likely prove to be a more contentious point, and along with next year's general elections, we note that 2015 will be a major inflection point for Myanmar's ongoing political reform process.

Near-Term Upside For Latin American Energy Stocks

Positive investor sentiment towards Latin American equities, combined with a number of country- and sector-specific factors, will drive further share price gains for energy stocks including YPF, Petrobras and Ecopetrol in the coming weeks

Eyeing A Sector Revival

Faced with falling production, Brunei has unveiled an ambitious plan to expand both its upstream and downstream segment. While regional demand and an established industry will help support upstream investment, a small domestic market and fierce competition in the regional downstream space will dim its prospects in this segment.

Slower Economic Growth To Cap Rise In Oil Consumption

We expect a slowdown in Australia's oil consumption growth over 2014-2023 for the following reasons: slower economic growth led by the mining sector, slower vehicle sales growth and rising fuel efficiency.

Natural Gas In Colombia Projected To Grow Avg 3.8% To 2023

Our constructive outlook on Colombian natural gas production and consumption is driven by government-mandated incentives to encourage the development, usage and export of this resource. However, the country's heavy reliance on hydropower will prove difficult to reduce in the long-run due to declining hydrocarbon reserves and rising gas exports.

Kurdistan Crucial To Production Growth

US airstrikes in Northern Iraq have significantly improved the security situation as IS militants have been driven west. This has seen key oil and gas companies return to their operations in the region of Kurdistan, which we expect will provide much of the oil production growth over 2014 and 2015.

Testing Could Mean U-Turn For Poland’s Disappointing Shale Gas Industry

Interest in Poland's shale gas potential waned from 2012 onwards following disappointing flow-rates, geological difficulties, and an uncertain regulatory environment. The combination of factors saw several big-name companies exit Poland, including ExxonMobil, Marathon Oil and Talisman Energy.

Tight Gas To Contribute To China's Production Growth More Than Shale

Shell's decision to pare back spending on developing China's shale gas resources in favour of focusing on the Changbei tight gas project in Shaanxi, confirms our view that tight gas will be the larger contributor to China's gas production growth over our forecast period.