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Articles List

New UK Food Crime Unit To Restore Consumers' Confidence

BMI view: The creation of a new Food Crime Unit within the UK's Food Standards Agency (FSA) will only have a moderate impact on consumers' confidence and food integrity. Over the short term, it should restore consumers' confidence, which was strongly undermined by the horsemeat scandal in early 2013. In the medium term, insufficient financial resources will limit the ability of the Unit to prevent a new food scandal from surfacing.

Existing Players To Make Best Use Of Spectrum

A fourth mobile operator in Costa Rica would offer limited additional benefit to subscribers in the market. The regulator, Sutel, intends to auction 70MHz of spectrum and has 'not ruled out' licensing a fourth player. Any new operator would face considerable competition from Kolbi, Claro and Movistar at a point when new subscriber growth potential is limited.

Western Europe To Remain A Prime Clinical Research Destination

Governments in developed states need to work to maintain the countries' long-term attractiveness as sites for clinical trials, especially as the cost of conducting clinical research is forecast to rise. The drivers of increased attractiveness of non-traditional locations for clinical studies include improving healthcare infrastructure, more and better trained medical professionals, and a growing requirement for local studies in the pharmaceutical approval process. We foresee a continuing shift in weighting towards other regions, especially for Phase III trials, while early-stage research is likely to remain in developed states.

Growing GCC Rail Connectivity To Bolster Economic Integration

The rail network development deal between Etihad Rail and GIBCA Crushing and Quarry Operations Ltd supports our view that increased rail connectivity will be a driver of interregional trade in GCC states. The development will initially strengthen connectivity for construction supply chains but will also lay down the rail infrastructure to boost economic integration in other sectors across GCC states.

Short Term Weakness, Long Term Growth

The Egyptian government's approval of the proposed unified licence conditions poses a downside risk for the telecoms market, as added competition in the mobile market from Telecom Egypt will further drag on ARPUs. However, gaining access to wireline infrastructure will allow the three mobile operators to begin building high value enterprise and converged service offerings.

Airtel-Eaton Towers Deal Chimes With Market Outlook

Tower infrastructure outsourcing is vital for African operators' cost competitiveness and overall growth amid the divergent trends of operating expenses and revenue growth. Airtel's decision to transfer the ownership and management of tower assets in six African countries to Eaton Towers is in line with this view, and will support the operator's deleveraging process and transition to a high-value services strategy.

Expat Arrivals A Boon For ICT Sector

The steady influx of expatriate workers into the UAE will sustain sales value and volume growth for consumer-centric ICT products in the country, offsetting the effect of a relative small domestic population. This trend of high visitor numbers will be supported over the medium term by the country's strong macroeconomic fundamentals and Dubai's hosting of the 2020 World Trade Expo.

Online Services To Facilitate Pharmacovigilance

While it is difficult to gauge the precise amount drugmakers spend on marketing activities, it is clear that drug companies' marketing budgets are worth billions of dollars. However, the increased use of the internet has the potential to offer cost savings. It can reach a wide audience and provide direct usage information that can assists marketers in understanding patients' habits. The prevalence of such technology globally could also facilitate pharmacovigilance, improve compliance to prescriptions and target a variety of groups (such as patients and healthcare professionals), as well as increase drug companies' associations with healthcare groups or societies.

Europe-China Rail Service Benefits Europe's Manufacturers

The new weekly rail freighter service between Hamburg and Zhengzhou is a major benefit for European supply chains as it opens up new modal options on the Europe-China route and reduces transit times compared to shipping goods by sea. This route particularly benefits the European manufacturing and transport sectors, which together account for the largest portion of goods traded with China.