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Articles List

Monthly Softs Strategy

Cotton, sugar and cocoa will all head higher from current spot levels in 2015, with cotton likely to be the outperformer. Coffee will continue to moderate from current levels, and will average USc160/lb in 2015. Palm oil will record lacklustre performance over 2015.

Suncor announcement backs up downbeat Canadian oil sands outlook

Suncor's announced cut in jobs, the lowering of its 2015 capex budget, and delays to its pre-FID oil sands projects supports our downbeat view on Canada's long-term oil sands production growth. While the sector will experience average growth of 6.0% y-o-y through 2017, an absence of additional new projects will reduce average growth to 1.0% y-o-y from 2018 to 2024.

Rising risk to realisation of Sitrah refinery in Bahrain

Despite the importance of the Sitrah refinery expansion, we note increasing downside risk to its realisation: falling oil prices and new refining capacity in the region will be detrimental to late-movers such as Bahrain.

Mobile content on the up in the Middle East and North Africa

BMI View: Mobile content continues to grow in the region, as more advanced networks and affordable devices are introduced. m-learning and m-education have strong potential for stakeholders because of low public spending and a young population, but these projects must remain in the public interest.

New Central Bank Governor Will Cut Rates

The Mauritian monetary policy committee will cut rates at its next meeting from 4.65% to 4.35%. The removal of hawkish central bank governor Rundheersing Bheenick and a disinflationary environment will enable the authorities to encourage economic growth by slashing the Key Repo Rate.

Twitter-ZipDial: Targeting Feature Phones In Emerging Markets

Twitter's encouraging acquisition strategy continues with its deal to acquire ZipDial. Growth in international users is vital for advertising revenue and ZipDial should ensure the acceleration of both in a massively populated emerging market using feature phones.

Asia's three mobile content trends: e-commerce, e-banking and digital advertising

BMI View: e-commerce, e-banking and digital advertising are expected to grow in Asia, fuelling data usage. Third parties are better suited for providing these services as they can move across borders to reach entire regional populations. Limited by their geographical scope, local mobile advertising is a good avenue for operators to take advantage of this trend.