The BMO Financial Markets Service

Our BMO service offers you complete Financial Markets coverage in one place, combining analysis, forecasts and risk ratings on fixed income, currencies, interest rates, commodities and equity indices across developed, emerging and frontier markets.

Key Benefits

  • Identify major investment themes and trade ideas
  • Support business strategy
  • Monitor financial market trends
  • Evaluate risk and opportunities

The service gives you powerful daily analysis and forecasts on all regional asset classes, which appear in the following products:

Daily Macro Alert

Daily email analysing global economic and political developments including our leading macroeconomic forecasts, and their impact on financial markets, keeping your finger on the pulse of any movements that could impact your operations.

Global Markets Strategy Alert (GMS)

A daily investment-focused email that highlights our key financial markets analysis and views broken down by asset class and regions. This allows you to identify major investment themes and to receive detailed analysis on key global and regional markets.

Every GMS includes:

  • Brief market update
  • Chart of the week
  • Key analysis
  • Asset class strategy tables

Clients use GMS to identify major investment themes and to receive detailed analysis on key global and regional markets on a weekly basis.

  • Monday: Fixed income and FX strategy for the Americas, Asia and Europe
  • Tuesday: Equities strategy for the Americas, Asia and Europe
  • Wednesday: Commodities Strategy
  • Thursday: Global Strategy including Macro-Industry Strategy
  • Friday: Emerging Markets Monitor

Emerging Markets Monitor

Key global financial market views and developments, also featuring our Sovereign Risk Ratings to help inform your strategic investment decisions.

Corporate Financing Week

News and analysis on mergers & acquisitions, corporate financing activity and private equity across global markets to help you identify key growth opportunities and risks.

Global Macro Monitor

Our flagship monthly publication with global macro and financial markets views and forecasts, and key commodity views and forecasts to help you make better informed commercial, investment and strategic decisions when expanding or protecting global business operations.

Full Benefits:

  • Global Market Views providing independent analysis of external and local debt, foreign exchange and equity indices across global markets, incorporating both short and medium-term views
  • Daily Macro Alerts delivering analysis of both short and long-term financial market trends in Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East and Africa
  • Currency Forecasts providing short-term targets and 12 month forecasts for over 40 emerging currencies
  • In-depth 10-year Macroeconomic Forecasts produced every quarter for global markets with 20-year historic data
  • Global Market Strategy providing tactical and strategic investment ideas in global FX, fixed income and commodity markets
  • Key Market Views delivering an immediate perspective on our key financial views across global markets
  • Complete portfolio of our weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports

Who uses our Financial Markets Service:

  • Financial professionals and investment managers
  • Professional investors
  • Governments, treasury and regulatory organisations
  • Senior decision-makers in investment banks, consultancies and large multinational corporations