Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

Unparalleled supply and demand analysis of the pharmaceuticals & healthcare industry in developed and emerging markets, with a key focus on market expenditure covering main sub-sectors, regulatory and reimbursement policies.

Our Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Service provides you with commercially-focused industry analysis to help you:

  • Make expertly-informed investment decisions
  • Expand your operations in developed, emerging and frontier pharmaceuticals & healthcare markets
  • Enhance your global growth strategy

Products & Services

Business Monitor Online Services:

  • Our BMO Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Service - offers comprehensive coverage for country, regional and global pharmaceutical and healthcare markets with access to our entire range of Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Reports and related articles all in one place.
  • Our daily alerts critically assess all major Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare developments as they happen to keep your finger on the pulse of activity that could affect your operations.
  • You can access the extensive databases used to construct our views, including the Burden of Disease Database, enabling users to forecast the burden of 123 different diseases and injuries across 187 countries, and use them interactively, along with other powerful tools designed to assist your strategic planning.


  • We produce 96 Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Reports giving you in-depth ready-to-use analysis and findings on individual countries.
  • The reports contain key stress-tested industry forecasts, growth assumptions and competitive analysis for each country.
  • Together our reports cover states accounting for virtually the entire global pharmaceuticals market.

Exclusive Benefits:

  • Manage Risk

    Our risk ratings help you pinpoint operational, market and country-specific risks to your activity.

  • Trend Analysis

    Reviews of the latest industry trends enable you to evaluate the commercial potential in your sector.

  • Competitor Analysis

    Competitive landscape analysis provides invaluable insight when assessing your competitors’ activities and position in the market.

Key features of our Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Reports and BMO Service:

Industry Forecasts:

Our unbiased 5 and 10-year pharmaceuticals & healthcare forecasts help you plan your company’s short and long term growth strategy.

Indicators we forecast by country include:

  • Pharmaceutical Sales
  • Healthcare Expenditure
  • Prescription Drug Sales
  • Patented Drug Sales
  • Generic Drug Sales
  • OTC Drug Sales
  • Pharmaceutical Trade
  • Clinical Trials
  • Government Healthcare Expenditure
  • Private Healthcare Expenditure
  • Hospitals & Medical Profession
  • Demographics

Risk/Reward Ratings:

  • Our unique risk/reward ratings allow you to identify operational risks and evaluate potential investment opportunities

Competitor Analysis:

Benchmark your own activities against your competitors on a country-by-country basis using:

  • Our comprehensive portfolio of all major Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare company profiles.