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African Lions: Is Ghana A Bellwether?

Ghana's current economic malaise could be replicated in other 'African Lions' over the coming months and years. We will be watching out for a number of red flags for growth: surging imports,...

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Regional Equity Strategy

A number of African equity markets are poised for further losses as US tapering causes money to be pulled out - the Johannesburg All-Share Index looks weak, especially technically. We are removing...

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Which Currencies Are Most Vulnerable?

One of our clients, a pan-African investment bank, recently asked us which African currencies are most vulnerable at the moment. We judged the vulnerability using three-month forecasts against the US...

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Defeat Of The M23: First Thoughts

The crushing defeat inflicted by UN-backed Congolese troops on the M23 rebels offers hope that Kinshasa may succeed in imposing government control over the chaotic province of North Kivu. It remains...

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