Saudi Arabia Country Risk Key Analysis

Succession Risks Allayed For Now

The binding appointment of 70-year Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz as second in line to Saudi Arabia's throne resolves the critical issue of succession for the time being. The stage is now set for a...

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Key Themes Of 2014

Growth in the Middle East and North Africa region will remain subject to downside political risks over 2014. We expect the major themes over the coming year to include; a slight convergence in growth...

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GCC PMI Readings Remain Positive

The headline PMI for the UAE came in at 56.3 for the month of October, down slightly from 56.6 in September. This remains at the upper range of the survey series, with a host of indicators supporting...

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Regional Equity Strategy

Equity markets in the GCC remain buoyant as we head into the final months of 2013, with the S&P GCC index recording gains of 17.1% since the start of the year. Our core view has long been that a...

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GCC: Key Themes For 2014

We retain a generally positive view of the GCC's prospects as we head into 2014. While headline growth should slow on account mainly of smaller gains in oil production, the expansion of the non-oil...

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