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The Global Impact Of US Syria Strike

US airstrikes against Syria would have consequences beyond the Middle East. Despite their opposition, Russia and China may see some unexpected benefits, while North Korea will be nervous.

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Azeri Rescue To Energy Blues

Azeri interest to invest in Ukraine's oil and gas sector could help relieve the latter's energy reliance on Russia, while Azerbaijan would also benefit from securing another market for its oil and...

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Recession In 2013

We believe that Ukraine has now entered recession and do not expect to see a recovery in 2013. We have downgraded our real GDP forecast to -0.5%, from a previous forecast of 1.0%, underpinned by a...

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Key Themes For 2013: Emerging Europe

Central and Eastern Europe will benefit from the gradual global recovery in various ways. In our 2013 outlook we identify key trends and themes we anticipate over the next 12 months. Central and...

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