Political Risks To Persist Ahead Of 2015 Elections

BM I View: Nigeria is facing several challenges in the lead-up to the 2015 election, any one of which could pose a threat to broad political st ability and economic development. However , we believe that the country will be able to navigate these issues and avoid disaster. Nonetheless , we note that reform of the political system will be crucial if the country is reduce its susceptibility to these kinds of risks.

Nigeria's perennially volatile political environment is facing a particularly challenging period that will last at least until general elections scheduled to take place in February 2015. Although the risks of significant, economy-derailing upheaval are arguably higher now than have been for several years, we believe that the country will navigate this period without succumbing to a major political crisis. However, Nigeria will remain susceptible to risks until there is structural reform to the political system. In this regard, the ongoing national conference, which has brought together a range of stakeholders tasked with coming up with recommendations for what changes might be made, will be important to the country's long-term political stability.

Challenges On Several Fronts

Social Stability And Characteristics Of Polity Pose Biggest Short And Long-Term Risks Respectively
Nigeria - Components of BMI's Short-Term (LHS) And Long-Term (RHS) Political Risk Ratings

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